Tuesday, March 17, 2009


For St. Patrick's Day today, I made treats for Caroline's class and was so happy to do it. Somehow making shamrock shaped rice krispy treats, Magic Leprechaun Dust, and Shamrock halos brings me great joy! I know that this is not normal! When I started getting Caroline dressed for school this morning in her absolutely adorable St. Patrick's Day outfit, she quickly informed me that she didn't want to wear the green clothes because pink is her favorite color. I told her next week we would celebrate pink day and she could wear all the pink she wanted to, but today she was wearing green - she cried the whole time she was getting dressed! By the time we got to school she decided the green wasn't so bad after all because the skirt was twirly and she twirled the whole way down the hall. I love the pictures we took after school!

Today I am feeling especially lucky - I guess all the shamrocks, green, and leprechauns have helped! I know that I am lucky in so many ways. I know that lots of people are not as blessed as I am. I know that some people never win a raffle or door prize or contest and other people seem to always win. I know that life sometimes doesn't seem fair and it seems like other people are always getting all the breaks. I also know that I waited over 14 years for the greatest blessing in my life and I will never forget how LUCKY I really am. Sometimes the blessings just take a little longer for some people and I have learned that they are always worth the wait. So I really do know how lucky I am!

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