Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our First Week of Christmas Countdown Activities!!

This year I decided to do a Christmas Countdown Calendar with activities for each day of the month of December. Some of the activities are things that are going on anyway and I just added them to the countdown. I had made a cute calendar last year and this year actually put things in it! Caroline was so excited to find out about the activities and she couldn't wait to get started. (It was a great day because her elf appeared at the house the same day!) She really "gets" Christmas this year and wants to know when we are going to make a birthday cake for baby Jesus and when we are going to buy him some presents! She has also already told Santa what she wants for Christmas and is pretty sure he is going to bring them for her. Here are some pictures from our first week:

December 1 - Cookies with Santa. We went to a great event where the kids wore pajamas, had their picture made with Santa, listened to Mrs. Claus read a book, and decorated and ate cookies!

December 2 - Decorate a Christmas tree for your room. I gave her the box of ornaments and a box of candy canes and let her get to work. She loves her Christmas tree!

December 3 - Write a letter to Santa. I helped her write a letter to Santa and she colored it. She is absolutely unchanging in the 3 things she has asked Santa for.

December 4 - Watch a Christmas parade. We went to Fairhope to their Christmas parade and Caroline got so much stuff!! She loved the parade even though it was about 20 degrees outside.

December 5 - Make a gumdrop wreath. I had seen this on someone's blog and thought it was so cute so Caroline and I picked up all of the things to make it and had a great time! It is hanging on the door of her bedroom.
December 6 - Drink hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows. She didn't like the hot chocolate, so just ate the marshmallows!!

We are enjoying December so much and have so many things planned. Caroline was in her first Christmas parade and had a great time "waving at all the people"! She was very disappointed when she would wave at someone and they wouldn't wave back to her. She said they weren't being very nice! I hope everyone is finding some time to enjoy this season! We certainly are!