Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tutu Cute!

This weekend was Caroline's first dance recital and she was so excited. She told me a while ago that she wanted pink ballerina cupcakes at her recital (I don't know why she thought there was going to be food!). I decided to invite everyone back to the house after the recital for pink ballerina cupcakes and a few more pink things! Here is the dessert table:
It definitely met the requirements of pink and ballerina! There were pink cake pops, pink marshmallow pops, pink ballerina slipper cookies, pink ballerina cupcakes, and pink punch.
I also put some pictures of her dancing or at performances throughout the year on the wall behind the table. I think it turned out so cute! Thanks to everyone who came to see Caroline - you are all "tutu" sweet!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taylor loves Elmo!

I was so excited to get to plan, decorate, and bake for Taylor's 2nd Birthday party. She loves Elmo and I found so many cute ideas to use for the party. Caroline had a Sesame Street party when she turned 2, so I had some things from her party that I was able to incorporate into Taylor's party. I love how everything turned out and I hope that everyone enjoyed the party!
Here is the banner and Elmo lanterns. I have seen these banners all over the internet and finally decided to try and make one. It was so easy - just print, cut, cut, cut, cut, and tie ribbon. I think it adds a great personal touch. The Elmo lanterns were small red lanterns purchased from here with eyes, a nose, and a mouth cut out of fun foam and glued to them. They were so cute!
Here are the party hats, visors, and hair clippies (which were one of the party favors!). I saw some hats similar to these on etsy and thought I could make something kind of like them. I just took a piece of red cardstock and cut it into a hat shape and then glued on cardstock eyes, a nose, and a mouth. I then added a big red pompom on top and red maribou at the bottom. The visors were left over from Caroline's party. I got the idea for the hair clippies from here. They turned out so cute and the girls looked adorable in them!
These are picture holders that I made from red binder clips. I glued on wiggle eyes, a cardstock nose, and added some ribbon. I was thinking about using them for placecards or labels for the food during the party, but I never got around to that!

Now for some of the treats. There were a lot of them, but I found so many cute ideas and wanted to do all of them!
Elmo pretzel sticks. These are just pretzels rods dipped in white chocolate, sprinkled with red decorating sugar, with an Elmo cupcake decoration on top. I hope to use this idea for more parties.Elmo cake pops. Mine were not nearly as cute as these, but I loved them!

Elmo cookies. Thanks Kate for decorating all of the them. We used a grass tip in a pastry bag to make the icing look like fur and then added marshmallow and black M&Ms for eyes and an orange icing nose.Marshmallow pops. I originally saw the idea here and have used them for several parties. They are very easy to make and really add to the presentation.
Elmo fruit tray. This was really easy to put together and made a great addition to the table.

The birthday girl! I painted her Tshirt and made her tutu for the party! She looked adorable!The other "little" girls. I made the shirts for a party favor. They looked so cute in them!
It turned out to be such a cute party. It was red and Elmo and bright and fun and everyone had a good time!